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ClayStack Natively Supports DVT

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As a long-time provider in other ecosystems, Clay Stack has some unique knowledge on building the best solutions for stakers. In our AMA with them, we uncovered their plans for their ETH staking solution and broke down the 3 MOST IMPORTANT parts of our chat.


Secure Scalability is King

We chatted about the difficulties in allowing provider architecture to be secure while also optimizing for scalability. That’s why they will launch with their Validator Funding Provider, effectively lowering bond requirements for the node operators who can be trusted to operate their setups effectively.

csETH + Validator Funding Provider


DVT isn’t just a Luxury

The ClayStack team identifies strongly with the ethos of decentralization. Practically, they understand that decentralization leads to a more robust and less risky provider set. They plan to enable DVT support out of the box to enable users to participate in both Obol’s and SSV’s implementations.


Withdrawals are a Necessity

The founder of ClayStack, Mohak, knew that in order to build a liquid staking provider that was truly performant and decentralized, support for withdrawals would be a necessity. For us at Ion, it allows us to eventually accept $csETH into our markets once it has reached mainnet.

cs ETH Litepaper


Quotables and Discussion Points

Chunda McCain and Mohak Agarwal had some hot takes to provide about the staking and LSDeFi ecosystem during our chat, here are some of the most interesting…

  • “All providers within the next two years will become abstracted away and will exist as routers to restaking platforms” — @ChundaMcCain
  • “In an ideal world when staking becomes more mainstream, it should become evident that it incurs much less risk than lending.” — @mohakagr
  • “The end state of LSDeFi… will be primarily institutional, and those who can build products to serve those customers” — @ChundaMcCain
  • “The frontend for liquid staking will be abstracted away… 3 risks for institutions: slashing, price, smart contract which can be hedged as the market grows and structured products will be created to manage these positions.” — @mohakagr


ClayStack is an excellent example of a partner that takes the right approach to finding asset-specific solutions to increasing security, decentralization, and scalability to liquid staking tokens. To find out more, check them out at ClayStack.


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