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Earn with your restaked assets

Lend and borrow against any staked or restaked asset with no exposure to price-based liquidation risk

dashboard interface for a cryptocurrency platform named Ion Protocol with various charts and graphs with Total Collateral Deposit, Total Collateral Borrowed, Wallet Balance, an Health Monitor with Total Dept Owed and Total Yield Earned, Portfolio, Total Staking Yield earned over time, Current Positions, all personally for the user



re/staked asset

Underwrite your staking risk

Our zero-knowledge machine learning framework underwrites the credit risk for each of our markets by trustlessly gathering consensus layer and validator infrastructure data to enable hyper-efficient loans with minimal liquidation risk.

Earn with us



restaked capital

We support staked and restaked assets from all across the DeFi ecosystem to securely maximize your rewards.

Empower Your Stake

Lend and borrow on Ion to unlock the value of your staked and restaked capital

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