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Trustless, Composable, Simple…

We had an amazing conversation with Geode Finance yesterday, here are 3 KEY INSIGHTS on how they’re transforming the staking ecosystem by enabling you to build your own staking pools.


Ownership and Control

Geode provides ownership and control to anyone wanting to run their own ETH staking solution. As a user you can spin up your own liquid staking provider in one transaction! You can hold your keys, choose a DVT setup, even pick your own fee rate. No more paying Lido that 10%!

Another major innovation in this respect is the staking library, and the ability for users to generate configurable staking pools. These pools are permissionless. They can be created by any centralized or decentralized entities, and even solo users via the Operator Marketplace. These pools and marketplace are hosted within a smart contract called Geode Portal. Portal utilizes a modular approach on maintainers, interfaces, whitelists, liquidity, etc.

Nothing is decided. Things are customizable. Everything is possible.


Node Operator Marketplace

Geode is building a node operator marketplace—a place for you to choose the people who run your staking setup. From your friend’s validator all the way to institutional node operators, you can choose who to trust with your staked ETH. As with any marketplace, the node operator marketplace regulates itself with healthy competition.


Utilizing Ion

Geode’s current infrastructure (staking pools) would usually mean sacrificing DeFi composability…

But that’s what we’re building to solve at Ion!

Eventually allowing pools on the Geode platform to act as collateral, we’ll enable you to have control of your stake and leverage it in LSDeFi.


Mini Alpha Drop…

Here are the things to look out for in the future:

  • Geode live on mainnet by EOY!
  • Geode restaking integration?
  • Ion x Geode Lending Pools?
  • Instant withdrawals for Geode provider pools?


We’re just scratching the surface of all of the things we chatted about with Geode Finance. If you want to learn more about TEE inclusion, the full Geode roadmap, and more, check them out here:


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