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UnshETH’ing Alpha

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Back with another AMA recap!

This AMA was with EIP_Alta1r, UnshETH’ing some major alfa! We’re bringing you the 3 biggest developments from UnshETH as well as some new details on Ion’s risk mechanism.

Read at your own risk!


Diversifying Exposure to Validator Staked Assets

UnshETH has pioneered a DeFi native way of diversifying exposure to validator staked assets with their flagship products UnshETH and the vdAMM. By creating an omnichain index of LSTs plus an AMM to trade them they’ve enabled long-tail LSTs to gain LTV and liquidity.


Project Sentience

Unsheth is launching Project Sentience, a toolkit to develop and deploy your own LST. They’re attempting to deliver a new standard for providers so new LSTs can accrue liquidity, TVL, and legitimacy with the potential of being onboarded to UnshETH by utilizing the provided resources and deploying into their new asset reshETH.

Project Sentience: A New Dawn for LSDs


ZK-Reserve Proofs

Sentience will use a standardized ZK-reserve proof mechanism to verify the balances of their provider launchpad, bolstering the security and transparency of the launched LSTs. This enables us at Ion to scalably support LSTs enabled by Sentience, providing more opportunities for UnshETH users to gain access to DeFi with their assets.


What would you like to see more or less of within staking solutions?

“More ZK stuff, less centralized control of multisigs, more trustless systems, and less point systems… But if you cant beat them join them! UnshETH will also have a point system!” – EIP_Alta1r

“Less stratification of restaking token standards for @EigenLayer. We’re already going to see a stratification of assets across the risk curve so we should learn from the lessons of LSTs and just standardize the LRT and make it easy to use.” – Chunda McCain

Both speakers advocated for standardization in a big way. Whether it be for validator infrastructure, tracking DVT inclusion, or for token designs themselves. It appears that a major hurdle in supporting staking products is the overhead of integration.


Unsheth continues to ship

UnshETH takes a unique approach to validator diversification from the other providers we’ve met with. Their top down approach of enabling validator diversity by TVL and liquidity provision will be huge in supporting the delivery of reshETH.

Don’t count them out! Fresh off their seed round announcement they are delivering reshETH and looking to the future.

UnshETH Seed Round!


So does Ion

As promised, Chunda dropped some alpha about how we’re analyzing risk at Ion. ZK-ML has been a large part of our product development. We’ve begun by creating a basic framework to classify the risk of a validator set, enabling us to more accurately price risk attributed to different LST providers. The possible applications for such a model are immense, especially as we enter the restaking revolution!



Thank you to EIP_Alta1R for joining us and to our amazing community for all the support! As we continue to ramp up on the journey to mainnet we will be delivering more insight on what the Ion Protocol team is discussing as we build the future of finance!


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