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How to Use Ion — Boosting LRT Rewards With Ion Protocol

Points. We all have a love-hate relationship with them. And with so many options available to increase your points earnings, it’s hard to choose the best option. Ion Protocol simplifies this decision by providing a platform where ...
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Ion Protocol’s Open Launch – The First Step…

We’ve kept you waiting long enough, now it’s time to open the floodgates. After completing our mainnet closed beta, access to Ion Protocol begins today! During the closed beta, Ion Protocol reached over $10 million in total deposits from our…

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How to Use Ion: Lending and Boosted Restaking

Restaking is rapidly evolving to become one of the leading sources of ETH denominated yield. Within this innovative landscape, liquid restaking has emerged as a pivotal new primitive, offering a pathway to better access, fungibility, comp

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Securely Scaling Ion Protocol: Mainnet Whitelisting

We’re thrilled to report that over the past week, our testnet has seen a surge in activity, with a remarkable number of unique users joining us. Your enthusiastic participation and insightful feedback are shaping the future of Ion Protocol. Now, we’re exci

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Ion Protocol x Hats Finance: Audit Competition

Starting Monday January 22nd, $40,000 has been allocated to the reward pool for our Audit Competition with Hats Finance. Security researchers and auditors of all experience levels are invited to participate in this competition. Let this be an opportu

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Ion Protocol: Our Approach to Protocol Security

Over a billion dollars has been lost from protocol hacks in 2023. Not only were recent entrants DeFi some of the most affected, but many of the most prominent protocols in the ecosystem including Curve, Euler, Kyber Network, Multichain, and more hav

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Protocol Announcement

Ion Protocol: Testnet V2

The time has finally come. Today we’re releasing Ion Protocol’s testnet to the public—it’s time to reveal what we’ve been working on behind the scenes. Here’s a timeline of what’s to come: A New Rewards System — Points & More (Mid Jan), Hats Finance Audit Competition (Jan 22nd), Beta Mainne Laun

Frequently Asked Questions

Ion Protocol is an open-source protocol built to support the lending and borrowing of staked and restaked assets on Ethereum. Enjoy lending architecture built specifically for this asset class meant to enable stakers and restakers alike to experience additional capital efficiency while mitigating exposure to price-dependent risk underwriting.

Ion Protocol and its interface were developed by Molecular Labs.

Restaking (orginating from EigenLayer) is the act of using previously staked Ethereum (via validators directly or by depositing LSTs) to secure other networks while it’s validating Ethereum. Restaking allows external infrastructure projects to “rent” security from Ethereum, decreasing the cost of bootstrapping their own validator set while improving decentralization and economic security. Restakers then opt into additional slashing conditions based on the networks that they are securing, and earn additional income as a byproduct of doing so.

Enter into our application with any supported asset on our market (ETH, LSTs, Restaking positions, etc.) and find the page for the action you’re looking to take (Borrow or Lend). Once you’re on the page, select the asset that you wish to deposit and each page will guide you through a simple workflow to facilitate your borrow or lend-based position. See below for more information about the products that Ion natively offers.

Ion offers three core products. Earn, which allows users to compound their staking yield through looped borrowing. Borrow, which allows holders of staked and restaked assets to borrow ETH. And Lend, allowing ETH holders to earn passive yield from the staking rate while underwriting the slashing risk

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