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Partnership Announcement:

Stader’s ETHx Joins Ion’s Lab

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Over the past several months, we’ve collaborated with the Stader Labs team while developing Ion Protocol to better understand how we can support ETHx holders. After careful analysis of the multiple innovations Stader is delivering natively with ETHx, we’re excited to announce our first public partnership with Stader Labs!

They’ll be part of our first cohort of markets being supported at launch, and the most capital-efficient market we’ll able to support thus far.


Why Should Borrowers Use ETHx

Stader Labs is an incumbent staking provider with ETH as their 7th market. Taking their time to develop ETHx, they’ve ensured it lives up to the expectations of their previous deployments. They apply many features native to the protocol to significantly reduce risk and increase access for users, particularly solo stakers.

Users of ETHx gain access to:

  1. The Protection of a 4 ETH Bond Requirement for Node Operators
  2. Access to Permissioned and Permissionless Staking Pools
  3. Greater Yield + Socialized MEV Rewards


Find out more firsthand from our previous collaborations:




Benefits of the Integration with Ion

Utilizing Ion Protocol, ETHx holders are presented with a refined borrowing landscape. By securely offering capital-efficient loans characterized by favorable LTV ratios and yield-reactive borrow rates, we ensure that ETHx holders experience optimal borrowing conditions. This approach adeptly draws upon the intrinsic lower bond prerequisites of ETHx, subsequently diminishing the repercussions of slashings on the overall balance of ETH reserves within the ETHx validator set.

Consequently, this equips users with an enhanced capacity to engage in the DeFi space or to compound their staking yields. The end result is a more sophisticated venue for users to leverage, hedge, and employ a myriad of financial strategies that harness ETHx as collateral.







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